Maharishi University of Management

Higher Consciousness and Professional Excellence

“Experience the storehouse of infinite creativity in your own self-referral consciousness, and your thought will engage the managing intelligence of Natural Law to work for you.”

We are the only accredited university in America specializing in Consciousness-BasedSM education, which awakens the total potential of creative intelligence, develops professional excellence, and cultivates leadership.

  • Earn a degree at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level.
  • Choose from a range of majors — in the arts, sciences, humanities, and management. Receive outstanding traditional training in these fields, with special emphasis on the practical, applied values of knowledge.
  • Gain latest and most profound knowledge of the discipline — Our professors make sure that each course they teach offers the most advanced knowledge in that field.
  • Learn from top professors in small classes starting from the first year — Right from the beginning, you’ll be exposed to the top minds teaching the latest knowledge in each academic field. The faculty lead small classes, and with our block system (one class at a time), they spend four hours or more every day teaching their students, going sequentially more and more deeply into the field of study.
  • Learn the most ancient, most widely practiced, most researched, and most effective meditation technique — Transcendental Meditation.® All students practice this simple, natural technique that develops the brain’s hidden reserves, promoting growth toward enlightenment.
  • Experience the bubbling bliss of Yogic Flying,to maximize mind-body integration and radiate peace and harmony in society.

University Features:

  • Block system: Takeone course at a time to gain knowledge with greater ease and enjoyment.
  • Healthy meals: Enjoy delicious organic vegetarian food as part of a restful, balanced, and healthy daily routine to nourish body and mind.
  • Dedicated faculty: The faculty hold doctoral degrees and awards from the world’s finest universities.
  • Personal attention — student-faculty ratio 10:1, allowing a high quality of instruction often missing in large, impersonal classes at larger universities.
  • Location: Fairfield, Iowa
  • Accreditation: The Higher Learning Commission
  • Enrollment: 774 full-time students (on campus and DE) and 654 part-time
  • participants from throughout the United States and more than 60 countries living harmoniously together as a world family.
  • Affiliation: Non-sectarian
  • Job placement of graduates: More than 90% placed within six months of graduation
  • Financial aid: all federal and state financial aid programs available
  • Federally funded science research: More than $20 million awarded to date
  • Latest advances in technology. Most student dormitories have fiber-optic
  • Internet hookups in all rooms. Faculty members use state-of-the-art equipment and teach leading-edge computer and scientific technologies.

“For nearly 30 years Maharishi University of Management has excelled in preparing students for successful careers in business, science, and the arts. The University’s unique approach to promoting the wholeness of knowledge has helped students achieve their full potential.”

— The Honorable Thomas J. Vilsack, Governor of the State of Iowa

Alumni Success: Professional Success and Personal Fulfillment

Graduates have gone on to become successful executives, doctors, teachers, lawyers, software designers, engineers, university professors and researchers, financial managers, professional artists, writers, editors and designers, as well as entrepreneurs who have made millions of dollars from their own companies. Many graduates also devote their lives to the service of humanity, using the knowledge they have gained here to create a peaceful, affluent, and disease-free world.

Highly satisfied alumni

National surveys show that M.U.M. graduates are much more satisfied with their education and feel better prepared for their careers than graduates from other universities. They also report that their education has given them a better ability:

  • to understand and apply scientific principles
  • to work cooperatively with others
  • to care for their own physical and mental health
  • to lead and guide others
  • to appreciate different cultures and philosophies.

Graduate schools — We have graduated 3,400 students. Our graduates have been accepted to over 200 graduate schools, including Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, and Johns Hopkins.

Alumni employment — Graduates have been employed by many top corporations, including Motorola, Rockwell, IBM, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Apple Computer, Bank of America, Citibank, Mayo Clinic, and many others.

Campus visits: For info on Visitors Weekends or other visits, call 800-369-6480 or see < >

Degree programs are offered in the following disciplines:

  • art
  • business
  • computer science
  • education
  • environmental science/sustainable living
  • literature and writing
  • mathematical science
  • Maharishi Vedic Science — science and technology of consciousness
  • natural Maharishi Consciousness-Based health care

A Curriculum and Lifestyle Based on Maharishi Vedic Science, the Underlying Principles of Natural Law

  • Along with outstanding professional training, M.U.M. is the only university in America where all of the staff, faculty, and students practice the Transcendental Meditation technique together daily.
  • Maharishi Vedic Science is an integral part of every discipline. Through Maharishi Vedic Science, students perceive the connections underlying all disciplines and connect what they learn to their own inner Self.
  • Instruction is available in such Vedic disciplines as Maharishi Gandharva Veda Music, Maharishi Consciousness-Based Health Care, and Maharishi Vedic Science, including Sanskrit and reading the Vedic Literature.
  • A structured daily routine, with an optimal balance of study, physical exercise, and rest.

In order to bring maximum support to the students’ studies and behavior, most classes are held in buildings built according to Maharishi Sthapatya Veda design, the ancient Vedic architecture in accord with the principles of Natural Law.

“We are extremely happy that Sankari is at Maharishi University of Management. Looking back on how she was attracted to this great institution, we can clearly see the hand of destiny. Sankari was to join another institution in a different state, but then we suddenly decided to visit this University.

“That visit was memorable from Sankari’s point of view because she confided to us that Maharishi University of Management is the only place that would help her in realizing her potential. She had the chance to meet the faculty and many students during that visit and the subsequent one. We too were highly impressed by the very peaceful atmosphere and the wonderful faculty and students who went out of their way to make our brief stay a memorable one.

“Now that she has spent over two years at the University, we can clearly see how she has blossomed into a fine human being. In closing, we say this to the University: Thank you, thank you, for providing a wonderful environment for personal growth, education and character-building.

“In Sankari’s own words, this is what she had to say to the college magazine after she joined the college. ‘As soon as I stepped onto this campus, I knew I had to come. The people I met were incredible. I could not believe there was a university like this in the United States.”

— Mannathazath and Parvathy Muralidharan, Baltimore, Maryland

“Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield really brings you back to the roots of your culture. The teachers love their students like their family. The vegetarian food is a real plus. I was amazed how my daughter has changed. I give great credit to the teachers. I feel everybody should have this experience.”

— Arish Kumar Sahani, New York businessman, father of award-winning M.U.M. student in Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health

“Our daughter likes what she is doing, which is very important. I find a lot of change in her; she is much calmer. M.U.M. is unique and the best place for learning about Ayurveda.”

— Neena Sahani, mother of award-winning M.U.M. student in Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health

“Our son could have attended college almost anywhere. We originally hoped he would attend a university on the East Coast. But he chose M.U.M. after visiting campus. He is so happy there, he bubbles. When we asked him how he felt about M.U.M after he was there for a few weeks, he said, ‘There is nothing here not to love!’

“He feels at home on campus. He also loves the block system, which allows him to go deeply into each course. Because of that he finds everything so interesting, he could major in anything. The integration of meditation with class work makes it run so smoothly without effort. He feels he is growing so much and that he is doing what he should be doing. His future career will naturally unfold over time there.

“When we asked isn’t it good to be able to come home for a visit he said, ‘Sure, but I get all that love from M.U.M.’”

—Ramani and Louise Ayer, parents of first-year student

“It’s absolutely clear to me that my education at Maharishi University of Management laid the foundation for the life I am enjoying — a wonderful family, success in business, and giving to my community. To every parent I would say: There is no greater preparation for life that you can give your children than Consciousness-Based education.”

— Bob LoPinto, B.A. in Business, 1980, President, Tricapital Companies

“The thing that really strikes me about Maharishi University of Management is the excellent faculty. They’re brilliant. The faculty here is like family. There’s no distance between you and them. It gives them a chance to really understand you.”

— Sai Ganesh Nagpal, digital media student

“My recent visit to Maharishi University of Management was a unique, joyful, and profound experience. I was visiting my son Sai Ganesh, who is now a second-year student enjoying and enriching himself with the holistic and wholesome education at the University. I had the good fortune of meeting and interacting with many students, faculty, and administrative officials.

“I was deeply impressed by the entire community’s dedication to, and scientific understanding of, the group meditation process. I had heard a lot about the University and the community of Fairfield being a safe haven of peace, friendship, and zero crime, within a world beset with numerous problems of violence and terror.

“Witnessing this great phenomenon personally gave me an inspirational confirmation of the benefits of the collective meditation practice, which is an integral part of everyone’s routine on campus, as well as a large percentage of the residents in the surrounding town of Fairfield. The University campus exudes peace and tranquility. There, the student has an enormous opportunity to attain the priceless treasures of the world inside and the very best in the world outside.”

— Vinod Nagpal, New Delhi, India