Maharishi Open University

Maharishi Open University brings Maharishi Vedic Science via satellite and the Internet to the entire world. Every course awakens your inner intelligence through the unique combination of knowledge and experience to develop the total potential of Natural Law in human awareness.

This development of full human potential has been confirmed through scientific research, principles of modern science, and the timeless Vedic knowledge, brought to light by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as a perfect science of consciousness. This is knowledge to open the infinite creative potential of every busy person in the world seeking the ultimate goal of life — peace, fulfillment, bliss, and life in all possibilities. A peaceful individual is the unit of world peace and so the great goal of Maharishi Open University is to create a perfect world as soon as possible — problem-free, perfect life for every individual and every nation.

Current courses and broadcasts include:

  • Maharishi’s World Peace News Conferences
  • In these news conferences, Maharishi will personally address the global community and the international press every week — an unprecedented offer in the 50-year history of his international activities. Maharishi has said that these news conferences will provide an important venue for profound knowledge, for crucial, prevention-oriented solutions, and for enlightened news reporting. Broadcast every Wednesday live through satellite: 11:00 a.m. U.S. Eastern time, 10:00 a.m. U.S. Central time, 5:00 p.m. Central Europe time

  • Special Global Celebrations – broadcasts regularly include:
    • Guru Purnima
    • Maharishi’s Invincible Defense Strategy
    • Global Economy
    • Ideal, Prevention-Oriented Problem-Free Administration
    • Perfect Health through the prevention-oriented, Consciousness-based Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health
    • Inauguration of the Third Year of Vishwa Shanti Rashtra — Global Country of World Peace — The Year of Raam Raj
  • World Politics and World Economy — His Excellency Dr. Bevan Morris, Minister of Enlightenment of the Global Country of World Peace, brings a new perspective to solving world problems by illuminating how Maharishi’s Vedic Technologies of Consciousness can utilize Natural Law to eliminate stress and problems in society and ensure perpetual world peace. Dr. Morris also features the latest news of the Global Country of World Peace.
  • Sample Topics:

    • Progress on the project for creating perpetual world peace by establishing a group of 40,000 Vedic Pandits on the banks of the Ganges River in India
    • Maharishi's Program to eliminate poverty in all the poorest countries of the world
    • Hazards of modern medicines and treatments; alarming growth of iatrogenic disease
    • Many of the policies of US President George W. Bush appear to be dictated by big money interests in defense, pharmaceutical, oil, and gas industries
    • In USA, food is responsible for twice the number of illnesses as compared to 7 years ago
    • Monsanto threatened to sue some US farmers who do not want to plant all their fields in genetically engineered crops
    • The Success of the Sidha Business Community Fairfield, IA USA
  • Global Parliaments of the Global Country of World Peace — His Excellency Dr. John Hagelin, Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace presents world-transforming knowledge for problem-free administration.
  • Sample Topics:
    • Creating Perpetual World Peace through Maharishi’s programs
    • Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture
    • Creating Ideal Communities
    • Nature of Consciousness and Spiritual Experience
    • A World of Unity Consciousness
    • Genetic Engineering or Vedic Engineering?
    • Solution to the Perennial Middle East Crisis
    • Rehabilitating America
    • What is Consciousness?
  • Celebrating the Vedic Calendar – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explains that in Vedic life every day is a celebration to remind the people of the particular Law of Nature — the particular Vedic Devata — lively that day. This program enlivens bliss and balance in mind and body through the sounds of Vedic Pandits chanting the specific aspect of the Vedic Literature associated with the day’s Devata and explaining the principles applicable to that particular Law of Nature.

For a complete schedule of courses and broadcasts and for information on satellite subscription:
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Phone: 800-765-5421

“I have been watching your telecast on the Maharishi Channel for the past three or four weeks, and it has fascinated my husband and me. Joining the courses of your Open University will provide a direction toward my destination — I want to be an ideal mother and an ideal wife. I would like to know the total meaning of motherhood, for I want my child to become a good person and do good to the society. We eagerly await the starting of the courses of Maharishi Open University, so that through this Vedic tradition of knowledge I may be able to attain the significance of human existence.”

— MOU course participant, India