America’s Premier Community for Indo-Americans

America’s only Vedic Community — the ultimate place for Indo-Americans to enjoy 200% of life — affluent American living and ideal Vedic principles brought to light by Maharishi for happiness, peace, and spiritual fulfillment

Maharishi has revived the deep principles of ancient Vedic civilization that have been scattered or lost in the many foreign invasions of India. The enlightened citizens of Maharishi Vedic City and Fairfield apply these Vedic principles to uplift the quality of their lives and create peace in the world.

  • Education — They have established Consciousness-BasedSM schools which develop the total potential of the brain and create peace in the student.
  • Health — They take advantage of Maharishi Consciousness-BasedSM Health Care, to prevent disease before it arises.
  • Homes and Offices — They build beautiful and grand Vastu homes and offices that maximize happiness and good fortune.
  • Business — Their businesses optimize success through these uniquely practical and scientifically proven Vedic principles.

Here also Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, has recently been founded — the first city that has

  • Rik Veda, the Constitution of the Universe, as its constitution
  • every building by law a Vastu building
  • its own development currency — the Raam
  • Sanskrit as its ideal language.

We invite you to look through our website, contact us at, visit our community, or join us.

“I was very pleased to visit the University and see the kind of work that is being done there. I went through some of the labs and classrooms, and I can assure you that I am extremely impressed, not only by the quality of work, but also the dedication and the intense support that the University is receiving from everybody from the top to the bottom. ”

— His Excellency
P.K. Kaul, former
Ambassador of
India to the U.S.A.